I finally decided what kind of object I want to scan and what I’m going to do. In French, the name of the still life is “Nature Morte”. It literally means dead nature. In a still life painting, the time is frozen. Everything looks beautiful and perfect. But in the real life nothing can last forever, objects such as flowers, fruit, book, a glass of water, candle, they all have their own way to record time. So I choose these objects which represents still life as manually, irregular time recorders. Combined with disintegrating sound as narrative to describe how the time is passing by.

For this project I will set up a table with 5-7 object which often seen in traditional still life paintings and use camera to record how they are changing with time. I will scan these object and print them out at the beginning. These 3d printed object will connect to the computer with Makey Makey and serve as the digital inputs. For the exhibition the objects will be fixed on the table. The computer screen will keep showing the video I record before. But when the audience touch the object, the screen will show another video which will zoom in to the specific object and the time is speeding up so they can see the candle is burned out, the flower faded with the sound connect to the object (If there is enough time, I hope the object can play that sound, If it’s impossible I thing I can play the sound in the computer).

The timeline and the help I need:


  1. Preparing the objects and finish setting up the table, set up the camera and light, test shooting (If it’s possible to borrow some pedestal set).
  2. Figure out and purchase the technic component I need for the object. Test scanning, modify the 3D model and test 3D-print (If there’s anything can work like Structure Sensor 3D Scanner).
  3. Print out all the objects.


  1. Start video recording
  2. Finish the programing part: switching the video when the specific keyboard is pressed.


  1. Install the electronic component in the objects, test with digital inputs.
  2. Materials for posters, pamphlet and take-away.


  1. Final assembly of all my stuff.
  2. Prepare for the exhibition and presentation.

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